Dr. Mario Rotella

Dentist, Certified Prosthodontist

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Dr. Mario Rotella

Dentist, Certified Prosthodontist


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Dr. Mario Rotella is a dentist, specialized in Prosthodontics. As such, he focus his practice on dental implants, cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, with emphasis on crowns, bridges and dentures.



Prosthodontics is the dental specialty pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of the oral function, comfort, appearance (smile) and health.

For this reason, complex treatment of the mouth, such as smile makeover, esthetics or function, often necessitates the expertise of a Prosthodontist, who can develop the overall treatment plan, and, eventually, coordinate it with other specialists.

Dr. Rotella can provide treatment for a single tooth, multiple teeth or for a full mouth reconstruction depending on your dental needs.

Single tooth or Multiple teeth: 1- Porcelain veneers 2- All-ceramic crowns and bridges 3- Dental implants 4- Inlays/onlays 5- Partial dentures

Full mouth reconstruction: 1- Removable complete dentures 2- Implant-retained dentures (Overdentures) 3- Implant-supported fixed solutions.

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